Hawks & Hawks Wine Caves is the partnership of two brothers that was founded in February of 2001. They were born and raised in the Napa Valley before it became the famous Napa valley it is today. Stephen Hawks has been in the contracting business for twenty two years and in the cave business for the last 9 years. Edward Hawks has been in the heavy construction and welding business for almost thirty years. The majority of our work has been with custom underground barrel storage and custom cellars.

We have worked with and have access as a consultant a man who is the hands on the ground for the first cave company to return to the Napa Valley since the Chinese laborers finished digging the last cave over a hundred years ago. Dale Wondergem has personally worked on or supervised the construction of over 55 caves in and around the Napa Valley over the last 30 plus years. Please explore our website and discover the caves we have built.