Dale Wondergem previously was Hawks & Hawks Wine Caves Field Superintendant before retirement. Currently, Dale is a consultant with Hawks & Hawks Wine Caves. Dale has been building wine caves for over 33 years. Dale Wondergem previously worked for Alf Burtleson Construction and was the lead field superintendent there for 29 years. Dale Wondergem has excavated in every type of ground imaginable

Dale Wondergem


Stephen Hawks’s background is primary in residential construction of custom homes in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake County for 20 years. Stephen Hawks was co-owner of Thollander & Hawks Construction before starting Hawks & Hawks Wine Caves Inc. with his brother Edward Hawks in 1996. Stephen Hawks experience in residential construction and management allows for efficient management of our construction crews. Stephen also is a licensed safety representative and gas tester with Cal OSHA and is in charge of the safety of our personnel.

Stephen Hawks


Edward Hawks’s background is primarily in heavy construction, welding industry, and wine cave construction industry. Edward is a certified pipe welder, which allows us to manufacture and fix our equipment in an efficient manner. Edward also has driven heavy equipment such as loaders, excavators, and backhoes. Edward worked for Ragsdale Underground Construction for a period of 1 year. Edward is also a licensed blaster in the state of California.

Edward Hawks